Paul Diello- The making of Epicene

Paul Diello and filmmaker William Ranieri teamed up to create an inside look at the creative process and inspiration behind the sell out show Epicene during the second run at Brighton Fringe 2018

 Paris to Brighton 2017

Brighton 2 Paris 2016

A group of local property professionals with the common goal of creating an annual cycle event for locally based charities. (


Draconian, homosexuality in Uganda

This is a retrospective documentary about the situation of homosexuals in Uganda during the controversial debates around the infamous ” Kill the gay Bill” proposed by David Bahati in 2009 to the Ugandan Parliament and passed as Act in 2013.
The Act was dropped by the supreme court as “not conform to the constitution of Uganda” only few months later,leaving a deep scar on Ugandan’s Human Rights

With several one to one interviews, I captured both sides of the issue from pastors, politicians,teachers, activist and artists.
(Including the mister of ethic and integrity, the british producer David Cecil and the well known gay activist Dr Frank Mugisha)

The result is a crashing variety of opposite mentalities with only one thing in common, Uganda.



Slum Echoes – Street Angels Foundation Uganda-

Kisenyi is the oldest slum/ghetto in Kampala. The Mask and the Teacher will guide you through an incredible journey along this multi ethnic reality. We will meet the Karamojon women , listen to real story of the kids of the slum ,dance on the uniIMG_9100que music form the slum and smiles and the dance with this incredible reality right in the the heart of Kampala in Uganda.

This video was realized with no funding as a tribute for all Kids in Slums around the world

Filmed in Kesenyi Slum

Kampala, Uganda
March 2013



 Care of the new born – Mulago Hospital _ Kampala

Mulago is most probably the busiest hospital in the world. According to the last statistics, in the maternity ward, over 33.000 babies per year are born here. This means an overage of 90 babies each day.
Mulago it’s the referral hospital for many small surrounding villages as well as the national referral hospital of Uganda. Most of the mothers that come to Mulago from outside Kampala are coming from very poor reality where there is no education or preparation for welcoming a new

“Care of the new born” was conceived in order to give a basic knowledge to the mothers after they give birth, to prevent irreversible mistake ( new born death by chocking or bleeding are very common within young mothers) and basic instruction on how to breastfeed , how to take care of the baby , how to behave within the hospital premises. The video it’s divided in two main sessions, the first one dedicated to the new born in general and the second one more specific to the pre born babies.

The video is completely in Luganda, the local language of the Buganda , the southern region of Uganda and subtitle in English . The idea behind the project is to translate it into all the other languages spoken in the country ( 12 institutional languages) and reach thought a distribution in health centre, religious community and so on areas where a direct consultation with a paediatricians is most difficult or impossible
The project was realized without founding and with mainly the cooperation with William Ranieri who filmed and edit and Dr Flavia who conceived the idea and wrote the script, over a period of a couple of months.
Hopefully this video will contribute to reduce the very high percentage of maternal and new born death in Uganda very often caused by very simple mistake that could have been avoided with an appropriate education.
William Ranieri


Draconian -Homosexuality in Uganda – teaser- 

In 2009 in Uganda a member of Parliament, David Bahati, proposed an Anti-Homosexuality Bill (often called the “Kill the Gays bill”).When I arrived in Uganda in October 2012 another member of the Parliament promised to pass the bill as a “Christmas gift”.

As of today the bill hasn’t passed but regardless ,the situation of the homosexuals in Uganda is getting worse by the day.

In this documentary I tried to explore different sides of the issue coming from politicians ( such as Simon Lokodo Minister for Ethics & Integrity ) , gay activists (such as Frank Mugisha ) , artists ( such as the British producer David Cecil ) and common people.
The result is a crashing variety of opposite mentalities with only one thing in common, Uganda.


Let’s Bridge 


Video Diary of an African trip of six students from  Italy, 3 videos shot and edit on site during the 4 days trip in Uganda
Diario di viaggio in Africa di sei studenti del Liceo da Vinci, Liceo Linguistico ed Istituto de Carneri di Trento.



First Impression .Still001IMG_9548






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