Simple animations and funny videos

you don’t have to be rich to create an animation



Timelapse of the making of a decoration in Palm Court at the Brighton Palace Pier

Davide Di Taranto


Davide Di Taranto
( )

Marco Galardi
William Ranieri

Brighton 2014
Copyrights Di Taranto- Galardi – Ranieri

Datamoshing in my room with Modeselektor and Radiohead


Datamoshing happens when p-frames of two videos exist at the same time in a video. Causing a mix of the two videos to occur.

This was my first attempt shot in my bedroom!


 Cassette Lord


Martin Middleton AKA Cassette Lord it’s a Brighton based artist who has spray painted cassette all over the city for the last few years.
This was a charity event at the Blind Tiger in Brighton
I took 2380 pictures from an hand held Canon 600d in terrible light conditions and put them together .

Music from Modeselektor “The First Rebirth” form the album ” Happy Birthday”

Brighton Belle 


Artistic cooperation between a painter ( Sonia Canals) a musician ( Bill Smith ) and me!( Director Producer)
I used photoshop , after effect and premiere to get this animation working.
a lot of software for 1 minute of simple animation!
Get in touch If you want to animate some of your work!



Water Love , the Mulag fish


In this unique (mok)documentary the author shows the joyful life of a shoal of Mulag-fish playing with the camera… The Mulag fish is a subspecies of the Volunteer Fish spread all over the sub Saharan Africa and Asia. This particular species is fairly common in Uganda around the Mulago Guest house where they take the name from.

Water Love .Still002

Water Love .Still001Water Love

Music By
Henry Mancini – Lujon

Anna Stealey
Colin McKay
Jo Sinclair
Kerstin Norman
Sarah Fritche
William Ranieri
Shot and Edited by William Ranieri
GoPro camera
Kampala Cabira Club
January 2013


A message from the Easter Lamb

I’m not a vegetarian , but something has to be said about the massacre of Lambs in the name of Jesus Christ ..

so I Interrogated my little lamb.. and that’s what he thinks about it… (Over 18 only! .. the Lamb Swears a lot !)

The Moaning Cone

Walking in the streets of Brighton isn’t safe anymore …. watch out for the Moaning Cone….

improvised script
Matt Whistler

Idea – filming -editing
William Ranieri

Original Sin


Respect the Apples! That’s all I have to say!

Inspired by the world famous Orange… here it is.. just an apple!

Matt Whistler is dealing with a drugged apple and an inflatable crocodile….what will it be next???

In sweet memory of Norman Wisdom

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