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“William  is great with artists, filmmakers, musicians and performers and I would highly recommend him.
He is also quick, efficient, and would provide huge value for money, as he goes the extra mile to make sure people are happy with the work.
We rate him highly.
We would have no hesitation in employing him again in the future”.
Angi Mariani
Latest Ltd.

Situated in sunny Brighton , Ranierifilm.com is a multi-purpose media company , flexible and agile in an intricate  market.

We find solutions to most media-related problems.

We cover projects from concept to delivery within budget and timescale.

Our extensive network of freelancers allows us to  the choose the right person for the right job within hours!

Our freelance directors, videographers, editors, actors and models are all fully qualified and  specialised in creating focused and stunning films.

What we cover now

Directing: working alone or effectively managing cast and crew to bring the story to life
DP/Camera Op/photography: creating breath-taking stills and video to move hearts and minds

Editing: using the Adobe Suite CC to edit in a variety of styles for different target audiences, always staying true to the brief.

We use Premiere, After Effect and Photoshop (from Mac and PC)

Screenwriting/Storyboarding: working from a brief or entirely from our own initiative to create a compelling narrative

Vision mixing: trained operator on Tricaster 8000 with virtual sets and virtual cameras
Sound: creating clean and compelling audio in the field or in the studio, directing voiceovers, soundchecking bands and live gigs
Budgeting and producing: working to a tight schedule and keeping finances in order

Promotion: experienced with social media, international festivals and networking

Teaching: teaching groups or individuals to operate cameras, basic lighting photography and editing techniques on Premiere CC